Star Beer 

STAR is brewed from the finest natural ingredients and a national icon of Sierra Leone since 1961. It has always been first in innovation and is known for the slogan ‘Shine Shine Borbor’ and ‘Shine On”. Using the latest technology, STAR is locally brewed and of international quality.



STAR is the first in every way – the first Sierra Leonean lager (since 1961), first with innovation (first in embossed proprietary bottle, first with neck foil). It inspires you to shine – Shine Shine Bobo – Shine on!


STAR gives a mild, bitter refreshing taste. It is available everywhere, affordable and easy to drink. Drinking STAR shows you are positive minded and give hope to others around you.


  • International quality

  • Brand essence: 'Fun' & 'Entertainment'

  • Cold-filtered

  • Brewed from natural ingredients

  • Available in 33cl and 60cl bottle, 50cl can and in a KEG for draught systems.

  • Money Value: Drink more for less (60CL)

  • Alcohol Content by Volume: 5%